Bling Bitz Rhinestone Competition Information

 Do you love to rhinestone? 

 Is everything you make absolutely fabulous ? 

 Enter the Bling Bitz Rhinestone competition to showcase your work and win awesome prizes!

Its FREE to enter and soooo much fun to win!!! 


1.Eat it -Anything you can EAT! Team Bling Bitz can't wait to see the fun projects you come up with for this catagory. 

2. Wear it- You guessed it right anything you can WEAR!!!! Clothing, dance costumes, shoes, hair bows!  

3. Makes me HAPPY- Anything that makes you happy! 

4. KIDS ONLY -for all the kids that love to BLING!!!! Let us see your best work!!!! (all kids will get a prize for participating )


All entries will be posted on  

The photos with the most likes in each category are the winners!!!

All entrants will be emailed the link to vote and share.



1st place - 100 gross of Bling Bitz Rhinestones and $100  

2nd place - 50 gross of Bling Bitz Rhinestones and $50  

3rd place - 25 gross of Bling Bitz Rhinestones and $25  


How to enter

Send your photo(s) to:

Along with your photo(s) please include:

 1. Your Facebook name and/or your Instagram name

 2. You MUST include a photo of you holding your entry so we can verify that  you made the product- but you can submit a different photo to enter the competition, please make it VERY clear in your email what photo to use.

3. Please name your entry. For example: "Jess's Rainbow Bow" include your first name and a brief description of your entry

Additional Details 

- You can enter as many projects as you want 

- You can only enter each project once 

- Deadline to enter is March 19, 12pm/PST

- Voting is March 22,23,24

- Winners announced March 25

- Open to everyone around the world that loves to rhinestone!!